Gallon Dispensing Pumps

Gallon Dispensing Pumps




Fits the following kits:
1 Gallon Kit, 2 Gallon Kit

Does not fit:
8oz Kit, 16oz Kit, 32oz Kit, 64oz Kit


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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Momma rice
Best epoxy I’ve used

It’s definitely a learning curve getting your work done so fast but once you have it down it’s so amazing

Alexandra Grayson
Easy to use

Works fantastic

Aleigha Williams
Dispensing pumps

Love them so glad they are available they make things so much easier

Ronda Goebel
Works wonderfully

This is my first time using resin. I liked that I had a bit of time to work with the resin and it wasn't a quick setting epoxy resin. I will definitely be ordering more in the future and trying the other types.

Kayla Hale
Best epoxy!!

I love this epoxy! I have tried a few others but I always come back to KSResin! Works in all weather and goes on great! The work time is great! And a little bit goes along way!

Sonia Hernandez
Gallon pumps

I read to clean the pump with alcohol prior to using which I did but I didn't see the trimming part.. I had a huge mess. Overall it's a good product user error.

Sheila Perez

Primera vez utilizándolos y me encantaron.

Angelena Bryan
Love them

I love them and the design is great

Robert King

1st time using these pumps and we're not disappointed. very well put together

Brandy Patton
works great!!

game changer! mess free perfect 30ml pour!!

Gallon Dispensing Pumps



Gallon Dispensing Pumps fit the following kits:

- 1 Gallon Kit (64oz Bottles, trim to fit)
- 2 Gallon Kit (64oz Bottles, trim to fit)
- 4 Gallon Kit (128oz Bottles)


Gallon Dispensing Pumps will NOT fit:

- 8 Ounce Kits
- 16 Ounce Kits
- 32 Ounce Kits
- 64 Ounce Kits


Dispensing Pumps are sold in pairs (one for Resin and one for Hardener).


Pumps output 15ml per stroke.


Dispensing Pumps Dip Tube need to be trimmed to fit as they are made for multiple bottle sizes. This will not effect the amount of product dispensed per stroke. 


Before use we recommend cleaning the pump with isopropyl alcohol. You can do this by pumping isopropyl alcohol through the pump. Dispensing pumps are manufactured with oil on the metal spring to prevent them from rusting, this oil can cause fish eyes and cloudiness if it is not cleaned out of the dispensing pumps. If you find the pumps are pumping cloudy after thoroughly cleaning them, we recommend warming up the epoxy resin in the container to help lower the viscosity.


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Product Instructions

Dispensing pumps are an excellent way of measuring your epoxy resin. All pumps come in pairs, one for Resin and one for Hardener.


These dispensing pumps are manufactured with oil on the springs to prevent rusting while stored in the warehouse. We recommend cleaning dispensing pumps prior to use. Pump a few ounces of isopropyl alcohol through the pump to clean the oil off of the spring. This will help prevent cloudiness as well as fish eyes.


It is important to mark each pump if you plan to reuse them, this will ensure that you do not mix up resin and hardener.


Pumps may need to be trimmed to fit the bottles. Why? Our dispensing pumps are manufactured for multiple bottle sizes, simply trimming the dip tube with scissors will allow the pump to sit properly in your bottle size.


We recommend pumping out all liquid after use, or placing a cup underneath the spout of the dispensing pump for any drips. You can also turn the tip of the dispensing pump to face up which will prevent liquid from leaking.


If you are experiencing cloudiness or micro-bubbles you need to warm up your resin and hardener before use. This can easily be done in a hot water bath for 10-15 minutes, be sure that the lids are tightly sealed. You can also use a space heater, but be sure to not overheat the product.


Do not force the pump up, allow it to pull the epoxy resin up itself with the spring.


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Customer Reviews

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