Liquid-Art-Resin-Coating-Epoxy-Tumblers Liquid-Art-Resin-Coating-Epoxy-Tumblers Liquid-Art-Resin-Coating-Epoxy-Tumblers Liquid-Art-Resin-Coating-Epoxy-Tumblers Liquid-Art-Resin-Coating-Epoxy-Tumblers

Liquid Art™ Epoxy Resin



Liquid Art™ Epoxy Resin

is a two part clear epoxy resin system formulated for creating works of art. If you are looking for an art epoxy resin that cures water-clear, has excellent U.V. resistance, long working time and is easy to work with, this product is for you.

✔️ 100% Cured in 72 Hours at 75°F
✔️ Easy to Use 1:1 Ratio by Volume
✔️ Excellent UV Resistance
✔️ Free Shipping to 48 Contiguous States
✔️ High Temperature Resistance
✔️ Made in the USA
✔️ No VOC
✔️ Self-Leveling
✔️ Ultra-Clear

Recommended Uses
  • Stainless Steel Tumblers
  • Canvas Paintings
  • Wood Substrates
  • Small Molds
  • Coasters
  • Jewelry
  • & Much More
Technical Data

Shore D Hardness - 75

Working Time - 45 Minutes

Dry to Touch - 10-12 Hours

Full Cure - 72 Hours

Maximum Recommended Coating Thickness - 1/8"

Maximum Recommended Casting Thickness - 1/4"

Ideal Curing Temperature - 65°F - 80°F

Temperature Resistance - 475°F

Shelf Life (Unopened) - 12 Months

Shelf Life (Opened) - 6 Months (Depending on environment)


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Kit Sizes

8oz Kit = 4 ounces Part A + 4 ounces Part B
16oz Kit = 8 ounces Part A + 8 ounces Part B
32oz Kit = 16 ounces Part A + 16 ounces Part B
64oz Kit = 32 ounces Part A + 32 ounces Part B
1 Gallon Kit = 64 ounces Part A + 64 ounces Part B
2 Gallon Kit = 128 ounces Part A + 128 ounces Part B (Shipped in multiple 64oz Containers for ease of use, may be occasionally sent in 128oz containers if 64oz containers are unavailable at the time)
4 Gallon Kit = 256 Ounces Part A + 256 Ounces Part B

Customer Reviews

Based on 1037 reviews
Alicia McCauley

I love it easy to work with

Alicia McCauley

Liquid Art™ Epoxy Resin

Sarah Stahlman

I absolutely love this resin. It is a dream to work with. Very clear. So happy for finding GST and her sending me your way. This is my favorite resin 5 that I have worked with. I just got done making my dad a clock for father's day. It turned out great.

denise hathaway
Love it

I have used a few kinds but love KS

Charlotte Blain
Great stuff!!

Very happy with your resin. Work time is great, easy to mix and beautiful result. Considering trying your uv resin now that I have a light.

Tisheena Howard
It’s so great!

By far my best resin. I will buy again and again.

Gina Rubertino

Love this stuff

Miriam V.
Crystal Clear

This epoxy is super! I have not had issues with bubbles and it levels out great! Crystal clear too!

Kristi Stewart
New to KS Resin

I really liked it. It is time to buy more. I make coasters, wanted to have something that cups, would not stick. KS definitely fits the bill.

First Time User

It worked awesome, no problems. I was able to complete a cup in a day.

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