Liquidy Split™ Fast Set Epoxy Resin Liquidy Split™ Fast Set Epoxy Resin Liquidy Split™ Fast Set Epoxy Resin Liquidy Split™ Fast Set Epoxy Resin Liquidy Split™ Fast Set Epoxy Resin

Liquidy Split™ Fast Set Epoxy Resin



Liquidy Split™ Epoxy Resin

is the ultimate fast setting epoxy resin with added UV inhibitors for prolonged clarity and anti-yellowing accelerators, a turner's dream come true.

✔️ 100% Cured in 24 Hours at 85°F
✔️ Anti-Yellow Accelerators
✔️ Color Stabilizers for Top Coat Capabilities
✔️ Easy to Use 1:1 Ratio by Volume
✔️ Excellent UV Resistance
✔️ Free Shipping to 48 Contiguous States
✔️ High Temperature Resistance
✔️ Made in the USA
✔️ No VOC
✔️ Self-Leveling
✔️ Ultra-Clear

Recommended Uses
  • Stainless Steel Tumblers
  • Canvas Paintings
  • Wood Substrates
  • Coasters
  • Jewelry
  • & Much More
Technical Data

Shore D Hardness - 75

Working Time - 15 Minutes

Dry to Touch - 3-4 Hours

Full Cure - 24 Hours

Maximum Recommended Coating Thickness - 1/8"

Maximum Recommended Casting Thickness - Liquidy Split is not recommended for casting due to the short working time.

Ideal Curing Temperature - 80°F - 90°F (Lower temperatures may cause a tacky/uncured surface)

Temperature Resistance - 475°F

Shelf Life (Unopened) - 12 Months

Shelf Life (Opened) - 6 Months (Depending on environment)


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Kit Sizes

8oz Kit = 4 ounces Part A + 4 ounces Part B
16oz Kit = 8 ounces Part A + 8 ounces Part B
32oz Kit = 16 ounces Part A + 16 ounces Part B
64oz Kit = 32 ounces Part A + 32 ounces Part B
1 Gallon Kit = 64 ounces Part A + 64 ounces Part B
2 Gallon Kit = 128 ounces Part A + 128 ounces Part B (Shipped in multiple 64oz Containers for ease of use, may be occasionally sent in 128oz containers if 64oz containers are unavailable at the time)
4 Gallon Kit = 256 Ounces Part A + 256 Ounces Part B

Customer Reviews

Based on 323 reviews
Jasmine Cozine
Holy Moly!

This was my first fast set epoxy I’ve used and LET ME TELL YOU! It is FASSSST! Definitely had a quick little learning curve for mixing to ensure no bubbles but it was beautiful once I figured it all out!

First Time User

I was able to complete a cup in 24 hours. It worked wonderfully.

Cassandra Eisele

This is the absolute best Resin ever. I am obsessed with it. Works so fast, it is like magic. I will be ordering more.

Erin Slothower

This resin is my go to for all the tumblers I have made. It's crystal clear like glass. I always love the finish. It helps me to be able to deliver my tumblers faster.

Sheri Chen
Best resin ever!

It's actually pretty magical honestly. All the fun of resin crafting with a quarter of the usual wait time.

Miriam V.
Liquidy Split…AMAZING

OMG! This fast set epoxy is AMAZING! Hard set in 3 hours which let me get further along in my projects. I wish I had ordered a larger size! Definitely getting more!

Calissa Heudier
KS Resin Liquidity Split

I just love this resin. It dried hard and quickly so you can get more projects done faster! I will order more!

Vivian Lester

I love the way it sets up fast and you can remove them and do another one in around three hours. Would love to try some of the others but this is quick and easy to use.

Maddy Dubon

I was a little hesitant with the fast working time! But I wish I got the bigger size I’m so impressed and great for fast turn around times

Lynnze Jennings
Liquify Split

Love!!! This stuff! Now my go to for all my projects!

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