All epoxy resins are not created equally, and many systems work best for certain projects. It is easy to get confused by the names of products and slight differences that can make your project go from great to a headache. While there are general use epoxy resins that work okay for many things, it is always best to pick the epoxy resin system that will work best for your specific project. In the epoxy resin world you will find products that cure at room temperature or that require a heated environment to cure, 1:1 ratios, 3:1 ratios, blue resin, yellow resin, clear resin, slow-cure systems, fast-cure systems, and so many more. Our goal at KSRESIN is to provide high quality epoxy resin systems that are easy to use and provide consistent results.


The best way of choosing an epoxy resin system to work with is understand the limitations of certain products.


Do you plan on pouring epoxy resin to create river tables? These generally require a deep pour casting resin such as Liquid Cast Deep Pour that will minimize the amount of heat that is generated during curing and allow you to pour thicker layers in one go.


Maybe you want to pour epoxy resin into silicone molds to create coasters, keychains, dog tags, book marks, etc.? A deep pour casting resin isn't going to work for this system, but you will want to find a low / medium viscosity epoxy resin system that allows air to escape while still curing nice and hard such as Liquid Art.


What if I just want to coat a surface? You will want to find a coating epoxy resin system such as Liquid Art or Liquid Stone that cures hard, glossy, ultra-clear, and is easy to use.

Liquid Art, Liquid Art Ultra UV, and Liquid Art Elite Epoxy Resin

The Liquid Art line of products is among our most popular epoxy resin products. Liquid Art is a medium viscosity epoxy resin that was formulated for coating artwork. It is budget friendly, easy to mix at a 1:1 ratio by volume, and cures with a beautiful high-gloss finish.


- 45+ Minute Working Time

- 10-12 Hour Dry Time

- 72 Hour Full Cure


The most common uses for Liquid Art:

• Coating Stainless Steel Tumblers

• Coating Canvas Paintings

• Casting small objects

• Creating ocean epoxy resin art

Liquid Stone, Liquid Stone Ultra UV, and Liquid Stone Elite Epoxy Resin

The Liquid Stone line of products is for someone seeking the most durable and hard-curing epoxy resin. Liquid Stone was formulated for coating surfaces that require durability, high temperature resistance, and shine.


- 30 Minute Working Time

- 10-12 Hour Dry Time

- 72 Hour Full Cure


The most common uses for Liquid Stone:

• Coating Bartops, Countertops, and Table Tops

• Coating Stainless Steel Tumblers

• Casting coasters that require high temperature resistance

Liquidy Split and Liquidy Split Ultra UV Epoxy Resin

The Liquidy Split line of products is for helping speed up your projects. Liquidy Split retains the high-gloss ultra-clear finish as you see with our other products, but the working time and curing time will be significantly reduced to speed up your projects.


- 15 Minute Working Time

- 3-4 Hour Dry Time

- 24 Hour Full Cure


The most common uses for Liquidy Split:

• Coating Stainless Steel Tumblers

• Filling Voids / Cracks

• Casting small objects that will be colored

Liquid Cast Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

Liquid Cast is a slow-curing epoxy resin formulated for deep pours of 1" - 2" thick at one time. Liquid Cast is an ultra-clear epoxy resin system that is easy to use with a 1:1 ratio and has incredible air release to minimize trapped air in your projects.


- 45+ Minute Working Time

- 12-24 Hour Dry Time

- 72+ Hour Full Cure (Dependent on environment and mass of pour)


The most common uses for Liquid Cast Deep Pour:

• River Tables

• Cutting Boards

• Casting in large molds