Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

Does Ultra UV require a UV light to cure?

Do you ship internationally?

Which product do I need for tumblers?

What is the temperature resistance?

What is the required temperature for curing?

How long does the epoxy need to cure?

Will this product work in high humidity?

Does this epoxy have any odor or release VOC?

Does KSRESIN have a strong odor?

What PPE should I use?

How do I measure KSRESIN products?

Is KSRESIN FDA Compliant?

Liquid Art / Liquid Art Ultra UV

What is the difference between Liquid Art and Liquid Art Ultra UV?

Is Liquid Art the best epoxy resin for tumblers?

Is Liquid Art thick or thin?

Does Liquid Art work in molds?

What is the ratio of Resin to Hardener?

How long do I need to wait between coats?

What is the required curing temperature?

Is this epoxy scratch resistance?

Liquidy Split / Liquidy Split Ultra UV

Can this product be used as a top coat?

Can I cast with Liquidy Split?

Does Liquidy Split have a strong odor?

How long should I wait before applying a second coat?

How long is the working time of Liquidy Split?

How long does it take Liquidy Split to cure?

What is the temperature resistance of Liquidy Split?

Liquid Cast

Can I use Liquid Cast for coating tumblers?

What is the ratio of Resin to Hardener?

What is the required working temperature?

What is the maximum depth of pour?

How much can I pour at once?

Do I need to torch Liquid Cast?

Can I use a pressure pot?

Liquid Stone / Liquid Stone Ultra UV

Should I use a dust mask or respirator when sanding epoxy?

How long should I wait before placing hot objects on the epoxy countertops?

How should I clean my epoxy countertops?

How can I achieve a satin sheen?

What is the best way to do a backsplash and have it match the rest of the countertop?

How should I prepare the primed MDF for pouring epoxy?

How long should the primer dry before applying epoxy?

How many coats of primer should I apply?

How should I prepare the MDF for priming?

What kind of primer should I use on our MDF countertops?

What type of substrate should I use for building new countertops?

How can I make sure that I do not get epoxy on my floor, workstation, or any place I do not want it?

General Questions

How long should I mix the epoxy for?

Does adding additional Hardener to the mix improve the final hardness of the product?

What kind of pigments can I add to color my epoxy?

How do I remove the air bubbles from my epoxy?

How can I clean excess epoxy off of my workstation, hands, etc.?

The epoxy is leaving drips on the bottom of my project, how can I remove them?

Can I use this epoxy outdoors?

Can I pour this epoxy in low temperatures?

How can I warm my epoxy up before pouring?

How can I keep my room at the suggested working/curing temperature?

How do I keep dust, dirt, bugs, etc. out of my project?

Is it better to use a foam roller, foam brush, or square notch trowel for spreading out the epoxy resin?

Why should I use a torch over a heat gun to remove bubbles?


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