Premium epoxy resin
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Liquidy Split is the perfect epoxy resin for creating ocean waves because of its quick drying and thick viscosity. You will achieve effortless lacing/cells with our high quality epoxy resin and Liquid Resin Dyes. No more muddy waves!

Deep Pouring Epoxy Resin

Deep Pouring Epoxy Resin is an advanced casting system that was formulated for minimizing shrinkage, improving UV resistance, air release, and hardness, as well as maintaining clarity and allowing for larger volume deep pour projects. Pour up to 2" per layer in medium to large volume molds with an extended working and drying time for excellent air release.

A Tumbler Maker's Favorite
Liquidy Split Fast Set™

Liquidy Split Fast Set Epoxy Resin was developed to minimize the amount of time it takes to complete projects. This product has a shortened working time and an increased rate of curing. If you are searching for a quick drying epoxy resin, this is the one.

Best seller

Liquid Art Ultra UV is our top selling coating epoxy resin for resin art. Featuring a high-gloss finish, industry leading UV resistance, and plenty of working time. A popular choice amongst our tumbler makers and other resin artists.

Featured Artist - @leviartstudios

Liquid Cast™

Liquid Cast is the flower preservation epoxy resin of your dreams. Featuring an easy 1:1 mixing ratio, incredible air release, and the clarity you've been looking for. Pour from 1/2" up to 2" depending on the dimensions and volume of your mold.

- Featured Artist @petal_archive

Liquid Stone Elite™

Resurfacing your countertops with epoxy resin has never been easier. Apply Liquid Stone Elite over Corian®, Solid-Surface, Laminate, Tile, or even build new countertops with materials like MDF. Liquid Stone Elite features scratch resistance, temperature resistance, UV resistance, and clarity. The perfect epoxy resin for epoxy countertops and epoxy table tops.

Crystal Cast

Crystal Cast epoxy resin was developed for those who enjoy casting or encapsulating small objects but had difficulties finding a casting resin that will cure hard and clear. Crystal Cast is an ideal casting resin for pours between 1/8" and up to 1" depending on the dimensions and volume of your pour. The bubble release and clarity of this casting resin will blow your mind.