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The Best Fast Set Epoxy Resin

Liquidy Split Fast Drying Epoxy Resin: The Superior Choice for Tumbler Coating

Epoxy resin is a popular choice for coating tumblers due to its durability, high gloss, and smooth finish. However, one common issue with lower grade fast drying epoxy resins is their tendency to yellow. In this article, we will discuss why epoxy resins can turn yellow and introduce a superior solution: Liquidy Split Fast Drying Epoxy Resin.

Why Epoxy Resins Turn Yellow

Epoxy resins can yellow for several reasons, including exposure to UV light, heat, and chemical reactions within the resin itself. Liquidy Split Fast Drying Epoxy Resin addresses these issues with its unique formulation and properties.

First Layer, Last Layer, All Layers - Lower yellowing potential

Liquidy Split was released in 2020 with one thing in mind: to solve the yellowing issue other fast drying epoxy resins experienced during curing. Prior to Liquidy Split there was only a few notable fast drying epoxy resins on the market that were marketed towards artists for coating tumblers and artwork. These products were great for speeding up projects, but when applied over light colors they would have a noticeable yellow hue. Liquidy Split was developed to have a lower exotherm and prevent yellowing during curing so that it can be used from the first layer to the last layer, and it changed the entire industry.

Outstanding Features of Liquidy Split Fast Set Epoxy

  1. Easy-to-Measure 1:1 Mixing Ratio: Liquidy Split's 1:1 mixing ratio by volume simplifies measuring, ensuring consistent results.

  2. Medium to Thick Viscosity: This high-build coating requires fewer layers of epoxy resin for complete coverage, saving time and effort.

  3. UV Resistant: Liquidy Split comes with built-in UV absorbers for enhanced UV resistance. For even better protection, try Liquidy Split Ultra UV, which contains added hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS). Our industry leading HALS has improved UV resistance by up to ten times longer than the regular formula and competing products. When you need the best UV resistant fast set epoxy resin, Liquidy Split Ultra UV is the only option worth considering.

  4. Fast Drying: With a 15-minute working time, 3-4 hours dry-to-touch time, and a 24-hour cure for full hardness, Liquidy Split gets your projects done faster.

  5. Excellent Clarity and Bubble Release: Liquidy Split's formulation ensures superb clarity and easy bubble release, resulting in a flawless finish.

  6. Low Odor: No need to worry about strong, unpleasant smells during application, as Liquidy Split has a low odor that most users won't notice at all.

  7. No VOC: Liquidy Split is environmentally friendly, containing no volatile organic compounds.

  8. Made in America: Manufactured in the United States, Liquidy Split is a trusted, high-quality product.

  9. Free Shipping: Enjoy free shipping to the continental US on your Liquidy Split orders.

  10. Readily Available and Always in Stock: With a reliable supply chain, you can trust that Liquidy Split will be available when you need it.

  11. Impressive Track Record: Over 1,300 reviews on our store alone and more than 30,000 gallons of Liquidy Split and Liquidy Split Ultra UV sold since its release in 2020 demonstrate its proven performance and customer satisfaction.

Liquidy Split Fast Drying Epoxy Resin offers a superior solution for tumbler coating, addressing common issues like yellowing while providing additional benefits like ease of use, fast drying, and excellent clarity. Its enhanced UV resistance, low odor, and environmentally friendly formulation make it an ideal choice for both hobbyists and professionals alike. With a strong track record and thousands of satisfied customers, Liquidy Split is the go-to epoxy resin for all your tumbler coating needs. Don't compromise on quality—choose Liquidy Split Fast Drying Epoxy Resin for beautiful, long-lasting results.

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