Can you use fast set epoxy in molds?

Can You Use Fast Set Epoxy in Molds?

Can Fast Set Epoxy Be Used in Molds?

Fast set epoxy is an incredibly versatile and durable coating, and is known for its quick curing time. Ideal for a wide range of applications, fast set epoxy can be a reliable choice in a bind. But one question that often arises is, can you use fast set epoxy in molds?

Using Fast Set Epoxy in Silicone Molds

The short answer is, it depends. For small mold applications, fast set epoxy can indeed be used. Its quick curing time can be an advantage, enabling quicker demolding and increasing overall productivity. However, because it does cure so quickly there is a higher chance of trapping air as well as damaging the silicone.

Fast set epoxy tends to heat up rapidly as it cures. While this characteristic speeds up the curing process, it may pose a problem in silicone molds. The intense heat generated can potentially damage silicone molds, reducing their lifespan and affecting the quality of the cast.

The Ideal Solution for Casting in Molds: Crystal Cast

While a fast set epoxy might be one possible solution, a more suitable alternative is our product Crystal Cast. Crystal Cast is a clear casting resin specifically formulated for mold casting applications and pours of up to 1" in thickness. Its excellent bubble release ensures that the end result is as clear and perfect as the original model. It cures hard, offering a durable and resilient cast that's ideal for various applications.

Compared to a fast set epoxy, Crystal Cast provides a more forgiving and effective solution for casting in molds. Its clear casting property brings out the intricacies of the mold design while ensuring a bubble-free result, something that fast-set epoxy might not guarantee.

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Final Verdict: Why Crystal Cast is the Better Alternative for Casting in Molds

Fast set epoxy does have its place in the realm of casting, particularly for smaller applications. However, Crystal Cast proves to be a superior option in most cases. Its clear casting, excellent bubble release, and hard-curing features make it the ideal choice for casting, providing reliable results without the risk of damaging your molds. If you're into casting, Crystal Cast could be the product you've been looking for.

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