100ml Silicone Epoxy Mixing Cup

100ml Silicone Epoxy Mixing Cup


  • 100ml Silicone Epoxy Mixing Cup
  • Reusable
  • Easy to Clean, Flip Inside Out and Wash with Soap and Water
  • Easy Pour Spout
  • Flat Bottom for Thorough Mixing
  • Graduated Every 10ml for Precise 1:1 Ratio Mixes

Customer Reviews

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Donna Rodman
Great !

Great !

Shawn Minarik
100 ml measuring cup

I order more then one because I knew I would use them and I absolutely love them. I will definitely continue purchasing from you guys!

Sandy R
Love these little mixing cups!

Easy to clean, perfect size. The only drawback is that the numbers are a little hard to read. Otherwise this is a great product!😁

Jessica Warner
KS Resin Liquid Art

Amazing product exactly what I was hoping for I have found my Epoxy

Yay! Thanks for leaving us a review Jessica :)

Weird measurements

10ml on the cup is way more than 10mls, I poured 10mls of both parts in small medicine cups and mixed them in the silicone cup and it was well over 20mls mixed and I 100% had equal parts so I waste ALOT of epoxy with them. also the lines are super hard to see, I have to put a light behind it while pouring to see it.. other than that, it cleans easy, mixes good in the silicone cup and I like that it comes with 3 one for A and B and one to mix them in.

Queen Bee Customs
Great Product

I love these re-useable mixing cups for tumblers and molds.
To clean: let the resin dry, then twist the cup, flip it inside out and most of the resin will pop out. Then take duct tape and use the sticky side to get the remaining bits out. A stiff brush works, too.
Then wash with a little dawn and water, let dry.
Right before using, I like to wipe with a coffee filter with some alcohol to insure that its as clean as new.
That sounds like a lot, but it really only takes a few seconds for each step. You can skip some steps, but I like to make sure they are 110% clean!!

Kit Castellanes
Will not use any other cups ever again.

Kind of a revelation using these, especially with the pouring spout! Easy to clean and won't have to waste anymore! Buy these now!

Claire Diaz
Unfortunately I have not gotten a chance to try my products

But my products that I’ve used in past work wonderful

Super convenient!

The cups are the best thing I could have purchased for making art, they're so easy to clean and control the pouring, plus it means I never get my measurements wrong and have tacky runny resin!

Christine Lummus
Mixing Cups

These cups are worth every penny. They are flexible and easy to clean. They make it easy to measure with the milliliters listed on the side.

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