Liquid Resin Dyes for Coloring Epoxy

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Highly concentrated Liquid Epoxy Resin Colorants. Add a small amount of Liquid Resin Dye to your clear epoxy resin to create opaque or semi-translucent epoxy resin. Add up to 5% parts by weight to mixed epoxy resin to achieve the desired color.


White Waves Liquid Resin Dye - Perfect for creating cells and lacing effects, or epoxy resin ocean waves.

Carbon Black Liquid Resin Dye - Dye your clear epoxy resin a deep black.

Deep Sea Blue Liquid Resin Dye - A deep blue for ocean themed epoxy resin projects.

Turquoise Liquid Resin Dye - A light turquoise blue for ocean themed epoxy resin projects.

Vampire Blood Liquid Resin Dye - A true red epoxy resin dye!


All Liquid Resin Dyes have a net quantity of 1 OZ / 29.6 ML. Weight of each color may differ.

Customer Reviews

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Jan Mason
Terrific colors

These types are VERY pigmented so you only need a little and they are absolutely beautiful saturated colors.I highly recommend them.


It takes almost none of the product to create an intensely colored resin. The color is perfect!

Debra Boulay
Colors are intense!

I have really enjoyed using the resin dye!

Pigment colors

I try for first on ash tray looks beautiful didn’t have to used much just a drop. Great product can’t wait to purchase other colors.

Deirdre Cheek
A little goes a long way

These colors are very pigmented and it does not take a lot to achieve desired color.