Liquid Resin Dyes for Coloring Epoxy

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Highly concentrated Liquid Epoxy Resin Colorants. Add a small amount of Liquid Resin Dye to your clear epoxy resin to create opaque or semi-translucent epoxy resin. Add up to 5% parts by weight to mixed epoxy resin to achieve the desired color.


White Waves Liquid Resin Dye - Perfect for creating cells and lacing effects, or epoxy resin ocean waves.

Carbon Black Liquid Resin Dye - Dye your clear epoxy resin a deep black.

Deep Sea Blue Liquid Resin Dye - A deep blue for ocean themed epoxy resin projects.

Turquoise Liquid Resin Dye - A light turquoise blue for ocean themed epoxy resin projects.

Vampire Blood Liquid Resin Dye - A true red epoxy resin dye!


All Liquid Resin Dyes have a net quantity of 1 OZ / 29.6 ML. Weight of each color may differ.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

It takes almost none of the product to create an intensely colored resin. The color is perfect!

Debra Boulay
Colors are intense!

I have really enjoyed using the resin dye!

Rebecca Salinas
Pigment colors

I try for first on ash tray looks beautiful didn’t have to used much just a drop. Great product can’t wait to purchase other colors.

Deirdre Cheek
A little goes a long way

These colors are very pigmented and it does not take a lot to achieve desired color.