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Liquid Art™ Epoxy Resin



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Liquid Art™ Epoxy Resin is a two part clear epoxy resin system formulated for creating works of art. If you are looking for an art epoxy resin that cures water-clear, has excellent U.V. resistance, long working time and is easy to work with, this product is for you. Recommended ambient temperature during pouring and curing is 65-75° F. Be sure to allow the product to acclimate to this temperature. For more information, please refer to our included instructions or FAQ page

Benefits of Liquid Art™ Epoxy Resin

  • 100% Solids
  • Compatible With Many Pigments
  • Enhanced Color Stability
  • Excellent U.V. Resistance
  • Easy to Work With 1:1 Ratio (By Volume)
  • Extended Working Time
  • Full Cure in 3* Days
  • High Gloss Finish
  • No VOCs
  • Non-Flammable
  • Self-Leveling
  • Water Resistant
  • Water-Clear Cure
  • Working time at 70°F - 45+ Minutes
*Working and Curing times are based on ideal temperature conditions. You may find that your epoxy has a shorter working time in temperatures above 90°F. Temperatures under 60°F can slow down the curing process.

Maximum pour depth: 1/8" per layer


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Kit Sizes
8oz Kit = 4 ounces Part A + 4 ounces Part B
16oz Kit = 8 ounces Part A + 8 ounces Part B
32oz Kit = 16 ounces Part A + 16 ounces Part B
64oz Kit = 32 ounces Part A + 32 ounces Part B
1 Gallon Kit = 64 ounces Part A + 64 ounces Part B
2 Gallon Kit = 128 ounces Part A + 128 ounces Part B
4 Gallon Kit = 256 ounces Part A + 256 ounces Part A

Customer Reviews

Based on 520 reviews

Love the liquid art!!

Amazing Product

I had been fairly new to using epoxy when I was looking for a product that was just in general a better quality than others I had tried. Came across KSResin and liked the fact that 1, they were from the same area that I had previously lived (I try to support local as much as possible) and 2, the reviews on facebook pages were great. I get amazing coverage on my glittered tumblers and have been able to eliminate excess layers because this goes on somewhat thicker than brands I had tried previously. I highly recommend this product, the money spent is completely worth it!

No issues

This works great for my tumblers. No issue with it at all!

BEST ever

I use KSResin for my tumbler makings. I have always had smooth finishes. That is the best.

Love it!

Use at the right temp and it is wonderful to work with. It gives up bubbles easily and gives the entire working time. Safe to touch after 24 hours (still will leave a fingerprint so wear gloves). Full cure in 3 days. I make coasters and love the high heat resist. Good for Jewelry, casting and pours over canvas or boards. My go to resin for many uses. Will be purchasing more in future.

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