Liquid Art™ Epoxy Resin - Medium Thickness Coating Formula

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Unlock your creativity with Liquid Art, the two-part epoxy resin system that lets you bring your art to life in stunning clarity. Whether you're coating artwork, creating epoxy tumblers, or embarking on a jewelry casting project, Liquid Art provides an affordable, easy-to-use solution that delivers professional-level results.

Crafted for beginners and seasoned artists alike, Liquid Art boasts an impressive set of benefits. With a long working time and easy-to-use formula, this high-quality epoxy resin allows you to explore your artistic vision without fear of time constraints or difficult mixing. Plus, with its U.V. resistance and water-clear finish, your artwork will be protected against the harmful effects of light and humidity.

But Liquid Art isn't just for art projects. Its versatility extends to DIY home improvement, such as coating surfaces like table tops and bar counters with a durable, glossy finish. With a mixed viscosity of 4600 cP, this two-part epoxy resin is thick enough to stay put while still flowing smoothly and evenly over any surface.

Upgrade to Liquid Art Ultra UV for superior U.V. resistance or Liquid Art Elite for a thinner, less trapped air system. No matter your project, Liquid Art is the clear choice for high-quality, affordable epoxy resin.

✔️ 45+ Minute Working Time
✔️ Dry in 10-12 Hours
✔️ 1:1 Mixing Ratio by Volume
✔️ High Gloss Finish
✔️ Made in the US
✔️ Medium Viscosity
✔️ No VOC
✔️ Self-Leveling
✔️ Ultra-Clear

Product Instructions

Step 1. Prepare for Mixing

Gather your epoxy resin, mixing supplies, and personal protective equipment. We recommend at the very least using nitrile gloves, safety glasses, clothing to protect from spills. Be sure to use epoxy resin in a well-ventilated room or use an air-purifying respirator.

Step 2. Pour Epoxy Resin into a Mixing Container

After determining the amount of epoxy resin you will need, measure your desired amount of epoxy resin at a 1:1 ratio by volume into a graduated mixing cup. Pour the resin first, allow it a moment to settle, and then follow up with an equal amount of hardener.


For best results mix a minimum of 2 fluid ounces (60ml) of epoxy resin and hardener.


Need help deciding how much epoxy resin is required? Visit our Epoxy Resin Coverage Calculator here.

Step 3. Mix Thoroughly for Four Minutes

Mix the two parts together for a total of four minutes. Be sure to scrape the bottom and sides of the container while mixing so that there is no un-mixed epoxy resin. Aggressive mixing can introduce excessive air, stir slowly but thoroughly. Continue to stir until the epoxy resin no longer has ribbons and returns to clear.

Step 4. Apply to Surface

Apply the epoxy resin to your surface immediately after mixing. You can do this by using your gloved hand, a foam roller, a brush, a trowel, and so many other tools! Make sure that epoxy resin completely covers the surface before moving to the next step. If you do not apply enough epoxy resin it may pull away from the edge. If you apply too much epoxy resin it can drip off or run to one end depending on the surface.

Step 5. Use a Torch or Heat Gun to Remove Trapped Air

Quickly sweep a propane torch or heat gun across the surface being sure to keep the flame 6-8 inches away from the surface. Do not overheat the epoxy resin or hold the heat in one spot for too long. We recommend heating the epoxy resin only during the working time, do not apply heat once the working time has passed. After eliminating bubbles allow the epoxy resin time to cure in the appropriate environment (listed in Technical Data below).


Ensure that you are working in a well-ventilated room or using an air-purifying respirator.

Questions? Check out our FAQ.


Not finding what you need? Email for project support.

Recommended Uses

  • Stainless Steel Tumblers
  • Canvas Paintings
  • Wood Substrates
  • Small Molds
  • Coasters
  • Jewelry
  • & Much More

Technical Data

Ideal Curing Temperature - 65°F - 80°F
Working Time - 45 Minutes
Dry to Touch - 10-12 Hours
Full Cure - 72 Hours
Maximum Recommended Coating Thickness - 1/8"
Maximum Recommended Casting Thickness - 1/4"
Temperature Resistance - 475°F
Shelf Life (Unopened) - 12 Months
Shelf Life (Opened) - 6 Months (Depending on environment)
Shore D Hardness - 75

Kit Sizes

8oz Kit = 4 ounces Resin + 4 ounces Hardener
16oz Kit = 8 ounces Resin + 8 ounces Hardener
32oz Kit = 16 ounces Resin + 16 ounces Hardener
64oz Kit = 32 ounces Resin + 32 ounces Hardener
1 Gallon Kit = 64 ounces Resin + 64 ounces Hardener
2 Gallon Kit* = 128 ounces Resin + 128 ounces Hardener


* (Shipped in multiple 64oz Containers for ease of use, may be occasionally sent in 128oz containers if 64oz containers are unavailable at the time)

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 1255 reviews

When my shipment was received, part A had been opened and leaked inside the box. I would definitely contact the carrier as they are more than likely not handling packaging/delivery properly.

I’m not going to leave a bad review of the product, as I love KS Resin. I’m just upset about the loss and mess of Part A that I had to clean up upon opening my package.

Robin Mills
Great Product!

First time using this product and i have to admit my cups are turning out beautifully! Great quality and the free shipping is such an incentive too. I will definitely make this my go to resin from now on!!

Janet Martin
good product

mixes well and releases bubbles comparatively easily

Susie Barr

Love it


Best resin ever


Love ks resin. It works well in my humid NC. It is so clear..


Love this resin, easy to work with, low odor

Christopher Lock
Great resin

No odor, crystal clear, lvls extremely well.
I actually used less resin to minimize drips and was amazed

Tonya Bolin
Great coverage, wonderful shine

Loved the shine that I get everytime.


This epoxy us amazing. It works great in my living environment. Absolutely love it.