How to Make Ocean Waves with Epoxy Resin and Liquid Resin Dyes

epoxy resin ocean art waves

Create Stunning Ocean Epoxy Art with Liquidy Split and Our Ocean-Inspired Resin Dyes

When it comes to creating breathtaking ocean scenes with epoxy resin, nothing compares to Liquidy Split. With its fast-drying formula, Liquidy Split holds epoxy waves better than any other resin, helping you achieve a true-to-life, ocean-like depth in your resin wave art. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of making ocean waves in resin using our very own Turquoise Blue Liquid Resin Dye, Deep Sea Blue Liquid Resin Dye, and White Waves Liquid Resin Dye. Let's dive into the world of ocean epoxy and create some mesmerizing epoxy ocean art!

Materials Required for Epoxy Ocean Art:

Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace

Before you begin creating your resin ocean waves, make sure your workspace is clean, level, and protected. Cover the surface with plastic sheeting or a silicone mat to prevent spills and damage. Always wear gloves and protective gear while working with epoxy resin.

Step 2: Measure and Mix the Epoxy Resin

Calculate the required amount of epoxy resin that you will need to cover your surface. You can use our Coverage Calculator to assist you with this calculation. Following the instructions for Liquidy Split epoxy resin, mix the resin and hardener at a 1:1 ratio by volume using a clean mixing cup and stir stick. Stir slowly to minimize air bubbles, and mix until the solution is clear and streak-free.

Step 3: Create Your Ocean Colors with Liquid Resin Dyes for Epoxy Resin

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Divide the mixed epoxy resin into three separate cups. Add a few drops of Turquoise Blue Liquid Resin Dye to one cup, Deep Sea Blue Liquid Resin Dye to the second cup, and White Waves Liquid Resin Dye to the third cup. You can also mix the colors together to create different shades of blue for more depth in your finished ocean resin artwork. Mix each cup thoroughly to achieve your desired ocean epoxy colors.

Step 4: Pour the Epoxy Resin onto the Surface

Start by pouring the Turquoise Blue and Deep Sea Blue epoxy resin mixtures onto your silicone mold or flat surface, creating an organic, wavy pattern. Use a heat gun or torch to pop any air bubbles that may have formed. You can also use a mixing stick or gloved hand to spread the two colors into one another to prevent a harsh line separating the colors.

Step 5: Create the Epoxy Resin Ocean Waves

Next, it's time to make those stunning epoxy waves. Gently pour the White Waves epoxy mixture along the edge of your blue resin, creating a thin line. Then, use a heat gun on low heat to blow the White Waves epoxy resin into the other colors and watch as lacing/cells begin to form. Do not over-do the heat gun or you could ruin the waves that you create. If you are having trouble getting lacing/cells to form, you may consider adding more Liquid Resin Dye into the epoxy resin mixture.

Step 6: Add Finishing Touches

Use your heat gun or torch once more to pop any remaining air bubbles and to help blend the white resin pigment into the ocean epoxy even further. If desired, you can add more White Waves Liquid Resin Dye to create additional layers of waves, or you may consider allowing the first waves to cure and then add more for a three-dimensional effect.

Step 7: Let the Epoxy Resin Cure

Allow your ocean waves resin art to cure and dry completely according to the Liquidy Split epoxy resin instructions. Once dry, you'll have a stunning piece of wave resin art that captures the beauty of the ocean! You can explore with different colors, adding mica powder, or even working on different surfaces.

Making ocean waves in resin has never been easier, thanks to Liquidy Split's fast-drying formula and our vibrant, ocean-inspired Liquid Resin Dyes. With a little patience and creativity, you can create your very own resin ocean waves masterpiece that will captivate everyone who sees it. So go ahead and dive into the world of ocean epoxy art, and experience the joy of creating your very own epoxy waves!

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