Liquidy Split™ Fast Set Epoxy Resin

Liquidy Split™ and Liquidy Split Ultra UV™ are both excellent options for those who are looking to speed up their projects. With a working time of 15 minutes and drying time of 3-4 hours, you'll be able to finish projects in a fraction of the time. The two products are nearly identical with one major difference: Ultra UV™ additives for up to 10x better UV resistance.

Liquidy Split™ Fast Set Epoxy Resin

Our Top Selling Fast Drying Formula

Shorter working time, faster drying time. Finish your projects faster.

Liquidy Split Ultra UV™ Fast Set Epoxy Resin

Contains Ultra UV™ Additives

Up to 10x longer lasting UV resistance than the regular Liquidy Split formula with Ultra UV™ additives.

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