Crystal Cast Epoxy Resin - Jewelry Casting Epoxy (Up to 1")

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Introducing Crystal Cast Epoxy Resin – the ultimate solution for casting and encapsulating small objects with exceptional hardness and clarity. Specially formulated for a variety of resin projects, including floral preservation epoxy resin, epoxy resin coasters, epoxy resin jewelry, epoxy resin bracelets, pendants, and earrings, Crystal Cast Epoxy Resin delivers a high-gloss, ultra-clear finish to showcase the intricate details of your creations.

Designed for pours from 1/8" up to 1" thick per layer in small to medium molds, this versatile epoxy resin is perfect for preserving flowers in resin, making epoxy resin charms, epoxy resin necklaces, epoxy resin rings, and various other epoxy resin crafts. With a 2A:1B mixing ratio by volume, Crystal Cast Epoxy Resin is simple to mix and offers a low viscosity for easy pouring and excellent air release.

Unleash your creativity with Crystal Cast Epoxy Resin, the ideal choice for crafting stunning epoxy resin accessories and preserving your treasured memories in crystal clear, glossy perfection.

Key Features of Crystal Cast Epoxy Resin

✔️ 45+ Minute Working Time
✔️ Dry in 12-24 Hours
✔️ Excellent Air Release
✔️ 2A:1B Mixing Ratio by Volume
✔️ High Gloss Finish
✔️ Made in the USA
✔️ Low Viscosity
✔️ No VOC
✔️ Ultra-Clear
✔️ Pour up to 1" thick per layer
✔️ For small and medium molds
✔️ For casting and encapsulation
✔️ Improved hardness and clarity

Product Instructions

Step 1. Prepare for Mixing

Gather your epoxy resin, mixing supplies, and personal protective equipment. We recommend at the very least using nitrile gloves, safety glasses, clothing to protect from spills. Be sure to use epoxy resin in a well-ventilated room or use an air-purifying respirator.

Step 2. Calculate Coverage Area

Using a tape measure, measure the length, width, and depth of your mold and then input this information into the Epoxy Resin Coverage Calculator to determine how much epoxy resin you will need to fill the mold.

Step 3. Pour Epoxy Resin into a Mixing Container

Measure your desired amount of epoxy resin at a 2:1 ratio by volume into a graduated mixing cup. Pour the resin first, allow it a moment to settle, and pour the hardener.

Step 4. Mix Thoroughly for Four Minutes

Mix the two parts together for a total of four minutes. Be sure to scrape the bottom and sides of the container while mixing so that there is no un-mixed epoxy resin. Aggressive mixing can introduce excessive air, stir slowly but thoroughly. Continue to stir until the epoxy resin no longer has ribbons and returns to clear.

Step 5. Pour into Mold

Pour the epoxy resin slowly into your mold in 1/4" increments. To minimize trapped air in your project pour in 1/4" increments, allow 1-2 minutes for air to surface, sweep your torch or heat gun over the surface to pop any bubbles, and repeat until you reach your desired depth.

Step 6. Use a Torch or Heat Gun to Remove Trapped Air

Quickly sweep a propane torch or heat gun across the surface being sure to keep the flame 6-8 inches away from the surface. Do not overheat the epoxy resin or hold the heat in one spot for too long. We recommend heating the epoxy resin only during the working time, do not apply heat once the working time has passed. After eliminating bubbles allow the epoxy resin time to cure in the appropriate environment (listed in Technical Data below).


Ensure that you are working in a well-ventilated room or using an air-purifying respirator.

Questions? Check out our FAQ.


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Common Product Uses

Flower Preservation
Automotive Shift Knobs
Wine Stoppers
Paper Weights

Technical Data

Ideal Curing Temperature - 65°F - 80°F
Working Time - 90 Minutes
Dry to Touch - 12-24 Hours
Full Cure - 7 Days (Depending on volume and mass of pour)
Minimum Depth of Pour - 1/8"
Maximum Depth of Pour - 1"
Temperature Resistance - 475°F
Shelf Life (Unopened) - ±12 Months
Shelf Life (Opened) - ±6 Months
Shore D Hardness - 70-80

Kit Sizes

48oz Kit = 32 ounces Resin + 16 ounces Hardener
1.5 Gallon Kit = 128 ounces Resin + 64 ounces Hardener

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Leslie Martinez

The resin does a beautiful job and the customer service is INCREDIBLE! I cannot believe how clear it cured, it is truly crystal clear. Excited to try the other types of resin they have!

Elizabeth Tovar
Crystal Cast Epoxy Resin

I LOVE this stuff! Performs exactly as advertised and leaves a nice finish on all my pieces.

Ivonne Christian
Crystal Cast Epoxy Resin

Great casting results. The resin is odorless, no bubbles, and has a beautiful sheen.


Amazing as always. excellent bubble release!

J. M
Crystal Cast Epoxy Resin

This is my new favorite resin. I love the thinner viscosity and the very few bubbles I get. I have been using is for my coasters and it works beautifully.

Trevor Gahm
Fantastic Resin!

I rolled the litterald dice on this product and am very happy I did!! Great product. I prefer a little bit of a longer cure time when I'm making dice, only because when I mix the solution together and then mix my Micah powders in it gives me a little bit longer to work with. I am extremely happy with this product and have had no issues with yellowing., Or the product creating bubbles in my pressure pot! Will be purchasing this again for sure.!!!!!

Lori McKenzie
Crystal Cast Resin-Awesome!!!!

I used this for the 1st time for creating the 3d flower bloom technique. What a difference it has made in my outcome! Crystal clear results and beautiful blooms!

Connie Bingham
Award Winning Epoxy

Did I say Award Winning Epoxy? Yes I did! I will explain in a minute. First let me say I have been using KSResin epoxy exclusively now for more than a year. I have used several of the resins they make and love all of them. Lately I have been making projects requiring epoxy that specializes in deeper pours, so I have been using Crystal Cast Epoxy and it has been exceptional in everything I have created. I have made multilevel pours with paws, standing crosses, jewelry, coasters, and more. Now, back to my statement about Crystal Cast being award winning epoxy, recently I entered the Facebook KSResin group February challenge using Crystal Cast Epoxy to create my entry and I was so honored to be chosen as the winner for the February challenge! I believe Crystal Cast is why my project came out so beautiful and clear. I am convinced that KSResin Epoxy is superior and I really like working with the Crystal Cast Epoxy. It releases bubbles very well and is so crystal clear. I keep going back to it for most of my projects so far.

Dawn Marin Bullis
1” Casting

Worked beautifully, cured like a charm. Will most definitely be ordering again!

Crystal clear

This resin dried crystal clear! I love it!