Liquid Cast™ - Floral Preservation Epoxy (Up to 2" for small molds)

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Liquid Cast™ Preservation Epoxy Resin

Liquid Cast™ Preservation Epoxy Resin is a two part clear casting epoxy resin system formulated for floral preservation and casting projects. This product can be poured between a half inch and up to two inches in one pour with little to no trapped air.

Liquid Cast™ Preservation Epoxy Resin is the perfect choice for flower preservation, book ends, charcuterie boards, and many other casting projects which require layers of epoxy resin over half of an inch.

Note: Liquid Cast Deep Pour is not intended for use with small jewelry items, shallow pours, or as a coating system. Pours under 1/2" may remain flexible. Pouring in layers is recommended to prevent yellowing, cracking, shrinkage, and minimize bubbles.

Mixed Viscosity: 1,800 cP

✔️ 45+ Minute Working Time
✔️ Dry in 12-36 Hours
✔️ Excellent Air Release
✔️ 1:1 Mixing Ratio by Volume
✔️ High Gloss Finish
✔️ Made in the US
✔️ Low Viscosity
✔️ No VOC
✔️ Ultra-Clear

Product Instructions

Step 1. Prepare for Mixing

Gather your epoxy resin, mixing supplies, and personal protective equipment. We recommend at the very least using nitrile gloves, safety glasses, clothing to protect from spills. Be sure to use epoxy resin in a well-ventilated room or use an air-purifying respirator.

Step 2. Calculate Coverage Area

Using a tape measure, measure the length, width, and depth of your mold and then input this information into the Epoxy Resin Coverage Calculator to determine how much epoxy resin you will need to fill the mold.

Step 3. Pour Epoxy Resin into a Mixing Container

Measure your desired amount of epoxy resin at a 1:1 ratio by volume into a graduated mixing cup. Pour the resin first, allow it a moment to settle, and then follow up with an equal amount of hardener.

Step 4. Mix Thoroughly for Four Minutes

Mix the two parts together for a total of four minutes. Be sure to scrape the bottom and sides of the container while mixing so that there is no un-mixed epoxy resin. Aggressive mixing can introduce excessive air, stir slowly but thoroughly. Continue to stir until the epoxy resin no longer has ribbons and returns to clear.

Step 5. Pour into Mold

Pour the epoxy resin slowly into your mold in 1/4" increments. To minimize trapped air in your project pour in 1/4" increments, allow 1-2 minutes for air to surface, sweep your torch or heat gun over the surface to pop any bubbles, and repeat until you reach your desired depth.


Liquid Cast Deep Pour Epoxy Resin is not meant for shallow pours under 1/2" unless poured in layers. If poured under 1/2" the epoxy resin could remain flexible (depending on the mass and volume of the pour).


In most cases we recommend pouring at 1/2" to 1" to ensure the epoxy resin does not overheat during the curing process. It is better to start small and add layers as necessary than pour too much at once. Larger pours should be poured in smaller layers to prevent air entrapment and overheating.

Step 6. Use a Torch or Heat Gun to Remove Trapped Air

Quickly sweep a propane torch or heat gun across the surface being sure to keep the flame 6-8 inches away from the surface. Do not overheat the epoxy resin or hold the heat in one spot for too long. We recommend heating the epoxy resin only during the working time, do not apply heat once the working time has passed. After eliminating bubbles allow the epoxy resin time to cure in the appropriate environment (listed in Technical Data below).


Ensure that you are working in a well-ventilated room or using an air-purifying respirator.

Questions? Check out our FAQ.


Not finding what you need? Email for project support.

Common Product Uses

Flower Preservation
Book Ends
Automotive Shift Knobs
Wine Stoppers
Charcuterie Boards
Paper Weights
Medium Volume Molds

Technical Data

Ideal Curing Temperature - 65°F - 80°F
Working Time - 45 Minutes
Dry to Touch - 12-36 Hours
Full Cure - 3-7 Days (Depending on volume and mass of pour)
Maximum Recommended Coating Thickness - Not intended for use as a coating system
Maximum Recommended Casting Thickness - 2" per layer
Temperature Resistance - 475°F
Shelf Life (Unopened) - 12 Months
Shelf Life (Opened) - 6 Months (Depending on environment)
Shore D Hardness - 60-70

Kit Sizes

1 Gallon Kit = 64 ounces Resin + 64 ounces Hardener
2 Gallon Kit = 128 ounces Resin + 128 ounces Hardener
4 Gallon Kit = 256 ounces Resin + 256 ounces Hardener

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 193 reviews
Maha Rayan
I'm SO happy I tried KS Resin!

Of the MANY resin brands I have tried, none of them is as clear as KS Resin is. I would highly recommend this brand!

Lori Arena
Deep Pour Resin

I just love this brand KSresin. I have tried many brands. By far this is the clearest resin for flower preservation & minimal bubbles. I will continue purchasing it for my floral work.

Brittaney Cobb

I’m still learning how to work this particular style resin, but definitely not disappointed! I’ve been using art resin for 3 years and liquidy split since it released. Definitely my favorite resin!

Melissa Faller
Wedding flower pour

I really liked the fact that there were very little bubbles if any and it hardens at a reasonable time! Thanks KSResin.. I’ll be purchasing again in the future!

connie Jones
Liquid cast

It worked really well no lines between the layers and hardly any bubbles

Shawna Mang
New User

I've just switched to KSResin and I really like it!

Charlene Blank
My favorite resin

This resin works so well for me and KSRESIN customer service is excellent.

I'm impressed!

I am pretty thrilled to have tried this resin. I experienced very few bubbles and it's such a blessing. I was a bit nervous because my molds can be deep in certain areas and shallow in others. For example, I pour cat heads. The face is deep but the ears are shallow. To my joy, I unmolded my test pieces this morning and everything came out great! Everything set up beautifully.......yup.....even the ears. I still found a few bubbles but it's nothing I can't fix. The only con I have to report, is that my glow pigment doesn't mix well with the resin. It tends to puddle at the bottom of my cup. But that isn't a major issue and I can deal with it.

Wendy Duncan
deep cast

I love it, works perfect, so clear!

Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

By far the best deep pour resin I have tried! The consistency, low odor, barely any bubbles. I've only tried 1 other deep pour from another brand but I won't go back to it. Kresin is the best in my opinion.